What We Wish We Knew In College (About Food, Exercise, and Life)

For students, early September means one thing: The end of summer and the beginning of a new school year.

I have fond memories of the first day back to school, especially in college. Nerves were high, but so was the excitement of new classes, roommates, experiences, and friends.

And I think I speak for both Matt and I when I say that we had a lot of fun during our college days … and that we made many stupid mistakes.

In today’s episode we think back to those mistakes, and share the fitness, nutrition and life lessons or advice we wish we’d known in college.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Brown rice … not fried rice
  • Why a terrible marathon was Matt’s best decision ever
  • The books we wish we’d read in college
  • Looking outside the box
  • The life lessons we wish someone told us

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Summer Running Camp, Part 4: Advanced Marathon Training and Racing with Coach Jason Fitzgerald

Most of the information and advice we’ve shared during the first three weeks of running camp has been geared towards beginners. This week, that changes.

We’ve invited Jason Fitzgerald, running coach and founder of StrengthRunning.com, to discuss advanced marathon training, marathon specific workouts, and how to take your racing to a new level.

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