Vegan LA Galaxy Player Baggio Husidic (Rewind)

From mid-pack runners to professional triathletes, we’ve had the opportunity to share a lot of stories and advice from vegan athletes on this podcast. But today’s interview is a first.

I’m excited to share my conversation with vegan midfielder for the LA Galaxy, Baggio Husidic, about his diet, training, and how going plant-based is making him a better athlete.

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Mindful Cooking, Flavors, and Keeping Food Simple with the Buddhist Chef

How does a classically trained French chef turn into one of the most popular vegan recipe developers on Facebook?

In today’s episode, Jean-Philippe Cyr, known to most as The Buddhist Chef, shares his take on maximizing flavors, mindfulness, and why it’s important to keep recipes simple if we want to grow this community.


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Small Steps, Cold Showers, and Conscious Parenting with Sid Garza-Hillman

Thumb through just about any parenting book and nearly every chapter will focus on the child.

But that’s the wrong approach, according to Sid Garza-Hillman. Sid believes that building a thriving, healthy family starts with a thriving, healthy parent.

In today’s episode, we sit down with Sid to discuss his brand new book Raising Healthy Parents, and why a vegan nutritionist felt called to write a parenting book.

Oh, and because it’s Sid, we also talk about cold showers. Love that guy.

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How Will Clean Meat Impact the Vegan Movement?

Between the current advances in plant-based meat alternatives and innovations taking place in the “clean meat” industry, the food landscape as we know it could change dramatically over the next several years.

How will these changes impact our understanding of what meat is, and will that effect the vegan movement?

We sit down with Jackson Long and Aaron Stuber of the Thought For Food Podcast to discuss.

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Are Vegan Documentaries Good for the Movement?

Over the past few years our Netflix feeds have seen several high-profile documentaries designed to push the vegan movement. They promote health, environmental, and animal rights benefits in a way books or articles simply can’t.

But these documentaries have also sparked blow-back both online and off. So it begs the question:

Are vegan documentaries good for the movement?

We try to answer that question in today’s episode.

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Matt’s Dad on How Going Plant-Based at Age 63 Has Drastically Improved His Health (Rewind)

Just a few years ago, Matt’s father Tim would have never considered going plant-based. Then, after dealing with health issue after health issue, he heard a talk by Dr. Fuhrman on how diet can reverse heart disease. And it has completely changed his life.

At the age of 63, Tim has gone plant-based and drastically improved his health.

In today’s episode, we sit down with Matt’s father to talk about his transformation and diet changes.

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