Supplements for Vegans: What Do We Need? (Rewind)

Do vegans need supplements to stay healthy? What nutrients do whole plant-based foods actually lack?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding those questions, and the answer isn’t always simple.

In today’s episode, Matt sits down with Matt Tullman — an author and entrepreneur who has set a goal for a third of the population to go plant-based by 2030 — to break it all down.

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Eating Plant-Strong with Rip and Jane Esselstyn of the Engine 2 Diet

Long-time friends of NMA, Rip and Jane Esselstyn, know a thing or two about cooking healthy meals people actually want to eat. They’ve written best-selling books and designed an entire diet philosophy, the Engine 2 Diet, around the subject.

So when they publish a new cookbook, The Engine 2 Cookbook, we want to hear about it.

In today’s episode, Matt speaks with Rip and Jane about the new book, oil-free cooking, and how to make healthy eating choices stick.

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The 5 Big Keys to Habit Change

When it comes to habit change, there are five keys to being successful. Keys ? or rules ? that when not followed, are often the reasons why most people fail to make new health and fitness habits work.

In today’s episode, we share a clip from an Academy seminar, outlining those keys to creating habits that stick, and provide real life examples from my own successes (and failures) to help you put these rules into action.

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The Big Holiday Extravaganza of 2018

One of my favorite episodes each year is our big, epic, vegan holiday extravaganza, where Matt and I discuss our wish lists, favorite seasonal films, and share what we plan to cook and drink over the holidays. 

This year, things are a little different. With Matt’s family traveling to Spain for the holiday, the conversation shifted a bit to traditions, travel, and dealing with family expectations.

But don’t you worry, Matt still shares his (ridiculous, if you ask me) Christmas movie list.

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Vegan TV Chef Jason Wrobel on Eating for Longevity and Finding Inspiration in the Kitchen (Rewind)

I know this might not be a popular thing to say, but ever since going vegan I’ve lost all inspiration and excitement for cooking.

Celebrity TV chef Jason Wrobel doesn’t have that problem. In today’s episode we discuss how to stay motivated and inspired in the kitchen, and what we need to know about eating for longevity.

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The Life-Changing Power of Someone Who Believes in You with Susan Lacke

Have you ever taken a life-changing smoke break? NMA’s own Susan Lacke has, when her old boss, Carlos, convinced her to start working out with him.

Twenty months later, she was running her first Ironman triathlon, writing for NMA, and launching a new career. And it was Carlos’s never-wavering support that she believes made it all possible.

In today’s episode, we speak with Susan about that epic friendship, her new book, and the power of supporting someone through their goals.

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The Guilt Free Running Slump (Rewind)

Every runner goes through slumps. Life gets busy, the weather gets hot (or cold), and whatever “running mojo” looks like to you, you’ve lost it.

I’m no different, and I’m in the midst of a slump now: the training I had planned for a fall marathon never really got off the ground, and my running for the past few months has been next to non-existent.

But something is different this time. This time, I don’t feel guilty about it.

Somehow (meditation, maybe?) I’m at peace with the slump. I’m not beating myself up for letting the marathon goal slip away. I can see this for what it is, without judgement, and in a strange way I feel free ? with a newfound excitement about other types of training.

As it turns out, co-host Doug is dealing with a running slump of his own. Except he’s one week away from a 50K, and his training looks a lot different from mine.

In today’s episode, we talk about our slumps and how we’re embracing the lack of motivation instead of fighting it. If you’ve been in a slump recently, or you’re in one right now, this one is for you.

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