15 Rules to Live By (Update and Replay)

After a long weekend at the Remedy Food Festival, Matt has lost his voice. To help save his voice (and your ears) from further damage, we decided to revisit on of our favorite episodes … the 15 rules we live by.

When it comes to food and fitness habits, I don’t think rules are a good thing. Guidelines, sure, but without a little wiggle room, it’s too easy to throw up your hands and give in when your willpower runs dry.

But when it comes to living a meaningful life ? and ensuring that my system for managing it works ? I find it’s actually easier to be less flexible ? and to follow a set of real, actual rules.

In today’s episode, we share the 15 rules we live by, the firm boundaries that help us live the lives we want and find balance and happiness.

They might not all be for you, but I hope you’ll find a nugget or two to add to your own set of rules for living.

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Examine.com’s Kamal Patel on Which (if Any) Supplements Vegan Athletes Should Consider

There are few resources available that so actively strive to be as unbiased as Examine.com, and it’s for that reason that we frequently reference the site when looking for information on a specific health topic.

In today’s episode, we chat with Examine.com’s Kamal Patel on if and when vegan athletes should consider taking supplements.

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Matt’s Dad on How Going Plant-Based at Age 63 Has Drastically Improved His Health

Just a few years ago, Matt’s father Tim would have never considered going plant-based. Then, after dealing with health issue after health issue, he heard a talk by Dr. Fuhrman on how diet can reverse heart disease. And it has completely changed his life.

At the age of 63, Tim has gone plant-based and drastically improved his health.

In today’s episode, we sit down with Matt’s father to talk about his transformation and diet changes.

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