The State of Vegan Movement (And What We Can Do Better)

The state of the vegan movement is …

In today’s episode, Matt and I depart from our typical health and nutrition banter to discuss where veganism is right now as a movement. We don’t come from a place of authority, but share our thoughts as two dudes in the middle of it. We rave about how things are getting easier, and challenge each other on how we can do better.

And I make some terrible analogy about kale, so there’s that too.

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How Not to Be the Punchline of the Vegan-at-a-Dinner-Party Joke (Rewind)

This Thursday we have another Throwback Rewind of one of our most popular episodes.

NMA Radio co-host Doug recently attended a bachelor party, where while discussing meals for the weekend, it became clear that one of the guys wasn’t comfortable with Doug’s being a vegan.     

“We’re all having meat. What are you going to eat, Doug? Carrots?”

We’ve all been in this situations like this. It’s that moment at a restaurant, party, or dinner when all of a sudden people realize you’re vegan or vegetarian, and don’t know how to react. Before you can even say a word, someone gets defensive or pokes fun of your diet. 

So what do you do? Usually, we react in one of two ways. Either:     

1) You use it as an opportunity to make a point, defend your diet choice, and maybe even convince a few people, or    

2)You brush it off and keep the mood light, in an attempt to make veganism appear as normal as possible. 

I’m not saying either of these better than the other; I respect both choices. But I know the one that I choose, almost every single time. 

In today’s episode, we discuss these two approaches, and how Doug and I handle the uncomfortable situations at parties, with family, and while out to dinner. We also share the rest of Doug’s story, and how by the end of the weekend, he got that same guy to take interest in the vegan diet.

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Rethinking Morning Routines

There’s no shortage of morning routine recommendations out there, including an older episode of No Meat Athlete Radio.

But today we share our new take on the morning routine. What we think works, and why many of the popular approaches don’t.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a morning person (I didn’t for the longest time), you’ll still want to hear this one.

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